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FSK Webinar on Draft Forest (Community Participation in Sustainable Forest Management) Rules, 2020

Where: Webinar

When: 8th October, 2020; 2pm -4pm (EAT)

Public participation in policy and the law-making process is clearly spelt out in the Constitution of Kenya, 2010. The supreme law requires public participation in the management, protection and conservation of the environment and the natural resources such as the forests. In line with this, legislations such as the Forest Management and Conservation Act (FCMA), 2016, has engaged the local communities in environmental conservation and benefit-sharing.

Rules and regulations are developed to aid in operationalizing Acts of Parliaments and Laws. The FCMA, 2016, requires several rules and regulations to make it fully operational. The Forest (Community Participation in Sustainable Forest Management) Rules, 2020, aims at providing circumstances under which community involvement in participatory forest management may be allowed or declined and the manner in which Forest Associations may exercise a right or privilege conferred upon them under the Act.

The proposed rules will provide legal backing through which communities can effectively participate in forest management with the aim of improving their livelihood and ensuring forest conservation. Certain benefits to the communities are only effective if rules and regulations are developed and implemented effectively. The rules will also help in ensuring adequate interactions with the communities and help in minimizing conflicts.

In line with this, Forestry Society of Kenya (FSK), seeks to engage her members through a webinar to discuss the draft Forests (Community Participation in Sustainable Forest Management) Rules, 2020 on 8th October 2020 from 2 pm – 4 pm

The outcome of this discussion will be consolidated and submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry for considerations

Download the draft regulations: DRAFT COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION RULES

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