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Promoting professional excellence for continued health, integrity, and use of forests for perpetuity


An internationally recognized Society that promotes quality and robust forestry professional practice and scientific principles in the management of forests resources.


Empower the forestry profession with quality member services to advance sustainable management of forest resources for the benefit of the current and future generations.



In its endeavor to enhance a strong professional culture and to reinforce its vision and mission, the Society has adopted the following core values:
a) Professionalism and scientific principles 
b) Integrity and ethics
c) Teamwork
d) Learning and growth


Our Mandate and Objectives

Our mandate involves advising and assisting our members, the government and the larger public on professional forestry practice and sustainable management of forests resources.

  • Create public awareness on sound forest management practice.
  • Build capacity of the general public and private practitioners on best forestry practices
  • Strengthen professionalism in forestry
  • Influence policy decisions on environmental and forestry management by being the link between research and policy
  • Contribute to sustainable and effective forestry management through high impact research projects, partnerships, documentation of best practices and publications
  • Link and strengthen forestry practices and community development