2018 Annual FSK Conference and AGM in Kitui, KEFRI Centre, presided over by the Cabinet Secretary, Keriako Tobiko. CBS, SC

The Voice of Forestry Profession

The Forestry Society of Kenya (FSK) is the sole professional association of forester in Kenya with the mandate of advising and assisting its members, the government and the larger public on professional forestry practice and sustainable management of forests resources.

It is an individual and corporate member organization registered in 1979 as Kenya Forestry Society under the society’s Act (CAP 108) Laws of Kenya. The society was however, in active in the eighties and nineties. In June, 2004 a task force was formed to revive it and an interim committee led by Mr. Emilio Mugo, was formed soon after. The Society was renamed and revitalized in 2007 to Forestry Society of Kenya, after the enactment of the Forest Act 2005, that gave it a legal recognition.

The Act was later repealed by the current the Forest Conservation and Management Act (FCMA) 2016, which gave the Society the responsibilty to “advice the Cabinet Secretary on timber graders and valuers of forest products” under section 59(1) of the Act. The Society is currently pushing for enactment of Forestry Professional Bill.