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Benefits to her MEMBERS

  • 1. FSK advocates the sustainable use and sound stewardship of Kenya’s forests and related resources to benefit the state’s forestry community and all Kenyan, today and in the future.

  • 2. Represent forestry interests in Kenya

  • 3. FSK work with conservation organizations to provide events and information to enhance the practice of sustainable forestry. Partnering with other forestry groups to maximize knowledge transfer

  • 4. FSK offers a platform to her members for knowledge management through the online continuous professional development platform where members continue acquiring credit points through their various forest practice activities.

  • 5. FSK’s Annual Meeting, regional membership meetings, committee involvement, workshops/conferences and other special events brings the forestry community together, as well as offer unique opportunities for information sharing, professional development, and awards and recognizes exemplary performance, exhibits, and networking.

  • 6. FSK ensures that regulators and lawmakers stay informed about forestry issues.

  • 7. Update policy makers and government agencies about critical forestry issues and activities

  • 8. Members receive bi-annual e-newsletter and printed newsletter.

  • 9. Informational brochures on forestry aspects and practices.

  • 10. Emailed forestry news, updates and announcements