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National Dialogue – Policy And Legislative Review Towards The Forest We Want (Venue: Kefri Hq, Muguga

Forestry Society of Kenya is the sole professional organisation of forestry and natural resources experts mandated to regulate and safeguard the science and practice of forestry in Kenya and influence the direction of national policy on forest resource management. The society aims at ensuring foresters in Kenya manage forests and forest-derived resources in a manner that meets the principles of sustainable development by ensuring production and sustenance of highly skilled and professional workforce.

FSK has organised a one day national dialogue dubbed “Policy and legislative review towards the forest we want” to be held at KEFRI HQ, Muguga on 30th May 2019. The conference seeks to provide an opportunity to the sector players to critically interrogate the challenges, needs and aspirations of effective forest resource management and provide a robust contribution to the ongoing review of the forest policy and law.

In Kenya, the need for sustainable forest management and other resources has come to a sharp focus due to a myriad of challenges that includes degradation, encroachment, conversion of land for agriculture purposes and climate change. The current legislative and policy frameworks that include forest policy, forest laws requires a holistic view that covers these emerging challenges as well as provisioning of ecosystems goods and services for the socio-economic development of the Country.  


  1. Stocktaking of the sector milestones and challenges
  2. Contribute towards the sector policy and legislative reforms
  3. Develop a proposition of the future trajectory of the sector

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