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Kakamega Forest Fencing – #002 Weekly discussion

For the last decade, fencing has been used as a management tool to achieve conservation and management objectives of the forest ecosystem. In Sub-Sahara region and Kenya in particular, fencing has gained momentum mainly to control human-wildlife conflicts as well as reduce human encroachments into the ecosystem. Some of the forest areas in Kenya that have been fenced include; Arberdares ecosystem, Mt. Kenya Forest, Eburu Forest, Karura forest, various national parks among others.

The need to fence or not to fence the Kakamega forests formed the basis for members’ discussion for this week. Some members are in agreement with the Ministry on fencing of the forests while others oppose the project stating the negative impacts of the same. A summary of the discussion including the merits and demerits of the fencing and some of the recommendations made by the members is given below

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